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Expando HTNS-LA/HO

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Expando® HTNS-LA/HO is a thin wall braided sleeve manufactured from Nomex*. Its highly expandable structure allows easy installation over long lengths
even after the fitting of end connectors with a limited range of product sizes.

Expando HTNS-LA/HO’s flexible, expandable and non-flammable properties ensure excellent performance in the most diverse and aggressive environments. The product is designed for the protection of wire and cable bundles against flame, high temperatures and mechanical abrasion. The properties of Expando HTNSLA/HO ensure excellent resistance to gamma and x-rays.

Expando HTNS-LA/HO has an oil and water repellent treatment (HO) to reduce humidity absorption and to improve impermeability to fluids. Expando HTNS-LA/HO has various applications in the military, marine, aeronautical, and railway industries.

Expando products are tough, lightweight oversleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The
open-braid construction of Expando products enables each size to expand to fit several application shapes and diameters. This open-textile construction also
makes them highly flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity.



Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +240ºC (-76ºF to +464ºF)
• Expansion ratio 1 : 3
• Thin wall
• Lightweight
• Self-extinguishing
• Excellent abrasion protection
• Resistant to gamma and x-rays
• Oil/water repellent
• ASD EN 6049-004


FMC-EXPHTNSA-005-05 Expando HTNS-LA/HO 5-5 5341300507S EN 6049-004-05-5
FMC-EXPHTNSA-010-05 Expando HTNS-LA/HO 10-5 5341301007S EN 6049-004-10-5
FMC-EXPHTNSA-015-05 Expando HTNS-LA/HO 15-5 5341301507S EN 6049-004-15-5
FMC-EXPHTNSA-025-05 Expando HTNS-LA/HO 25-5 5341302507S EN 6049-004-25-5
FMC-EXPHTNSA-040-05 Expando HTNS-LA/HO 40-5 5341304007S EN 6049-004-40-5