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Expando B200

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Expando® B200 is a highly expandable sleeve designed for bundling of wire harnesses. Rated to +200°C (+392°F), Expando® B200 meets FAR25 flame

The design of Expando B200 allows the product to remain stable once expanded and its outstanding expansion range allows it to cover wire harness definitions from 5 to 55 mm with only 3 sizes. A special tool has been designed in 2 choices of lengths to speed-up installation over small and long lengths.

The inherent properties of the raw materials used give Expando B200 low levels of flammability, toxicity and smoke generation. Because of its high operating temperature, Expando B200 resists damage from high temperature air guns used with heatshrinkable elements such as strain reliefs, terminations and indication sleeves.

Expando B200 is used in the aerospace industry for its outstanding properties in extreme environments and its quick installation compared to standard tying methods. Expando B200 should be considered for aircraft and space environments.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -55°C to +200°F (-67°F to +392°F)
• Low toxicity, smoke generation and offgassing
• Highly expandable design for bundling of wire harnesses over short and long lengths
• Stable construction once expanded
• Time reduction over standard tying methods
• Low profile solution
• Allows visualization of color coding of cables underneath
• Does not trap heat or humidity
• Rot-free


FMC-EXPB200z-010-00 5042001003S Expando B200 10-0
FMC-EXPB200z-020-00 5042001003S Expando B200 20-0
FMC-EXPB200z-040-00 5042001003S Expando B200 40-0