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What Is RoHS Compliant Wire Protector Sleeve?

24th Aug 2023

The global wires and cables market is projected to grow to $294.73 billion by 2029, despite the drawbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wires and cables are used in a wide variety of different end-use products, and understanding the need for RoHS compliance in applicable industries is crucial. …

Wrap for Headers: The Best Products Out There

20th Jun 2023

There are a lot of options for header wrap on the market today from every thermal insulation manufacturer you can think of, but they aren’t all equal in terms of quality or performance, and they aren’t all the right solution for every application. So how do you know which header wrap to choose? T …

Maintain Visibility With Clear Heat Shrink Tubing

17th May 2023

Easy to see wire identification isn’t just a nice to have feature; it’s a matter of efficient operations and safety. When technicians are maintaining or repairing wire and cabling, clearly labeled wires can save tremendous amounts of time and ensure dangerous high current or hot wires are handled wi …