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Sourcing Aerospace Components: 4 Key Considerations

Posted by Joe Wigginton on 8th May 2024

In aerospace, much like every other industry, partnering with the right suppliers can be instrumental in achieving success. Materials Management & Purchasing professionals are charged with finding suppliers who can meet the strict requirements for parts and remain competitive on price. In this b …

How to Bundle Your Cable Harness Assemblies

16th Dec 2023

Keeping cabling organized isn’t just about aesthetics or keeping things neat. There are a lot of reasons to bundle your cabling into cable harness assemblies including reducing interference, enhancing durability and protection, improved traceability, and ease of maintenance down the road. Whateve …

Heat Shrink Size Chart & Measurement Guide

8th Dec 2023

Measuring your cabling to determine the right size heat shrink tubing to use is easy but it’s a step you don’t want to skip. Taking your best guess or eyeballing this type of measurement often leads to tubing that is too loose after heating which defeats the purpose you are trying to achieve. In …