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Thermojacket S

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ThermoJacket@ S sleeving is constructed of braided fiberglass with a saturated coat­ing which adds rigidity to the product and reduces the likelihood of end fray. The stiff coating also results in a sleeving that is easy to apply over long length applications and is resistant to mechanical abrasion. Thermojacket S can withstand exposure to long-term heat up to +540°C based on its fiberglass construction. If subsequent service or acci­dental temperatures exceed 240°C, the saturant will gradually volatize without toxic or excessive fumes or smoke.

ThermoJacket sleeving provides excellent long-term heat protection for hoses, wire harnesses and cables. ThermoJacket is available in a variety of grades, offering indus­trial users the option of selecting combination of properties best suited to their specific application.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -50°( to +240°( (-58° F to +464° F)
• EN 45545-2
• No end fray
• Suitable for long length applications
• Attractive appearance



FMC-THERMJAS-004-11 ThermoJacket S 4-9 4025000601S
FMC-THERMJAS-006-11 ThermoJacket S 6-9 4025001001S
FMC-THERMJAS-016-11 ThermoJacket S 10-9 4025001601S
FMC-THERMJAS-025-11 ThermoJacket S 16-9 4025002501S
FMC-THERMJAS-035-11 ThermoJacket S 22-9 4025003501S
FMC-THERMJAS-064-11 ThermoJacket S 44-9 4025006401S