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TSX is a high temperature resistant, multifilament pure silica fiber (>99,8%) braided sleeving. It has a continuous working temperature of –60°C to +950°C.


TSX sleeve is heat-treated to remove organic content. This heat treatment confers excellent thermal properties to the sleeving, thus offering an excellent thermal barrier against heat, fire, molten metal splashes and other projections.


TSX is fireproof and radiation-proof and has passed FAR Part 25 § 853 for flammability. The sleeve has an additional impregnation disappearing above +300ºC which prevents end fray and skin irritation when cut.


TSX is mainly used in the aircraft, railway, iron and steel, off-shore, medical and nuclear industries.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +950ºC (-76ºF to +1742ºF)
• Up to +1100°C (+2012°F) peak temperature
• Expandable
• FAR 25 § 853
• Lightweight
• Excellent resistance to gamma rays and unaffected by UV & IR rays
• RoHS Compliant
• Flexible


FMC-TSXSILIC-005-09 TSX 0.5-9 4027180101S
FMC-TSXSILIC-010-09 TSX 1-9 4027100101S
FMC-TSXSILIC-020-09 TSX 2-9 4027100201S
FMC-TSXSILIC-040-09 TSX 4-9 4027100401S
FMC-TSXSILIC-060-09 TSX 6-9 4027100601S
FMC-TSXSILIC-080-09 TSX 8-9 4027100801S
FMC-TSXSILIC-100-09 TSX 10-9 4027101001S
FMC-TSXSILIC-120-09 TSX 12-9 4027101201S
FMC-TSXSILIC-140-09 TSX 14-9 4027101401S
FMC-TSXSILIC-160-09 TSX 16-9 4027101601S
FMC-TSXSILIC-200-09 TSX 20-9 4027102001S
FMC-TSXSILIC-250-09 TSX 25-9 4027102501S
FMC-TSXSILIC-350-09 TSX 35-9 4027103501S