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Expano PT Plus | Polyester Highly Expandable Braid (1:3) | Fray Resistant

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Expando PT PLU is a braided polyester (PET) sleeving designed to be cut with scissors for applications up to 125C.

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Expando® PT PLUS is a braided polyester (PET) sleeving designed to be cut with scissors for applications up to 125ºC. A tough, lightweight oversleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The open-braid construction of Expando products enables each size to expand to fit several application shapes and diameters. This open-textile construction also makes them highly flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity.

General purpose for Defense, Industrial and Commercial products, Expando® PT PLUS balance the properties of mechanical and thermal stability with economy.

The patented Bentley-Harris Plus treatment makes end termination neater and easier. The Plus treatment creates a webbing between the filaments of the sleeving to reduce end fray during installation and through the life of the product. Because of the fray resistant properties of Expando® PT PLUS, it can be cut with ordinary scissors, which reduces assembly time and eliminates the need for proper ventilation equipment required for hot-knife cutting.

Expando® PT PLUS oversleeve has many applications in the marine, electronic and general manufacturing industries. The ability of Expando PT PLUS to retain flexibility at low temperatures make them ideal for exposed applications in weather stations, navigation beacons and radar antennas.


Product Highlights

• Operating temperature from -70ºC to +125ºC (-94ºF to +257ºF)
• UL Recognized Component
• RoHS Compliant
• Expansion ratio 1:3
• Rot-free
• Expandable design accommodates a variety of sizes
• Self-extinguishing when used to encase typical non-flammable wires or cables
• Can be cut with a sharp pair of scissors, which reduces assembly time
• Standard colors are Black and Natural.  Additional colors are Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Purple and Orange


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-00 Expando PT Plus 3-0



FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-00 Expando PT Plus 6-0






FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-00 Expando PT Plus 10-0



FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-00 Expando PT Plus 13-0







FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-00 Expando PT Plus 19-0






FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-00 Expando PT Plus 32-0





FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-00 Expando PT Plus 45-0



FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-00 Expando PT Plus 51-0



FMC-EXPPTPLU-064-00 Expando PT Plus 64-0





FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-11 Expando PT PLUS 3-9 5101000301S 6247001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-11 Expando PT PLUS 6-9 5101000601S 6249001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-11 Expando PT PLUS 10-9 5101001001S 6251001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-11 Expando PT PLUS 13-9 5101001301S 6253001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-11 Expando PT PLUS 19-9 5101001901S 6255001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-11 Expando PT PLUS 32-9 5101003201S 6262001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-11 Expando PT PLUS 45-9 5101004501S 6266001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-11 Expando PT PLUS 51-9 5101005101S 6270001-11
FMC-EXPPTPLU-064-11 Expando PT PLUS 64-9 5101006401S 6272001-11


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-08 Expando PT PLUS 3-8 5101000308S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-08 Expando PT PLUS 6-8 5101000608S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-08 Expando PT PLUS 10-8 5101001008S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-08 Expando PT PLUS 13-8 5101001308S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-08 Expando PT Plus 19-8 5101001908S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-08 Expando PT Plus 32-8 5101003208S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-08 Expando PT Plus 45-8 5101004508S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-08 Expando PT Plus 51-8 5101005108S  


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-45 Expando PT Plus 3-7 5101000320S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-45 Expando PT Plus 6-7 5101000620S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-45 Expando PT Plus 10-7 5101001020S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-45 Expando PT Plus 13-7 5101001320S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-45 Expando PT Plus 19-7 5101001920S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-45 Expando PT Plus 32-7 5101003220S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-45 Expando PT Plus 45-7 5101004520S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-45 Expando PT Plus 51-7 5101005120S  


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-06 Expando PT Plus 3-6 5101000306S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-06 Expando PT Plus 6-6 5101000606S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-06 Expando PT Plus 10-6 5101001006S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-06 Expando PT Plus 13-6 5101001306S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-06 Expando PT Plus 19-6 5101001906S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-06 Expando PT Plus 32-6 5101000326S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-06 Expando PT Plus 45-6 5101004506S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-06 Expando PT Plus 51-6 5101005106S  


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-05 Expando PT Plus 3-5 5101000307S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-05 Expando PT Plus 6-5 5101000607S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-05 Expando PT Plus 10-5 5101001007S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-05 Expando PT Plus 13-5 5101001307S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-05 Expando PT Plus 19-5 5101001907S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-05 Expando PT Plus 32-5 5101003207S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-05 Expando PT Plus 45-5 5101004507S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-05 Expando PT Plus 51-5 5101005107S  


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-04 Expando PT Plus 3-4 5101000304S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-04 Expando PT Plus 6-4 5101000604S 6249001-14
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-04 Expando PT Plus 10-4 5101001004S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-04 Expando PT Plus 13-4 5101001304S 6253001-14
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-04 Expando PT Plus 19-4 5101001904S 6255001-14
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-04 Expando PT Plus 32-4 5101003204S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-04 Expando PT Plus 45-4 5101004504S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-04 Expando PT Plus 51-4 5101005104S 6270001-14


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-03 Expando PT Plus 3-3 5101000310S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-03 Expando PT Plus 6-3 5101000610S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-03 Expando PT Plus 10-3 5101001010S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-03 Expando PT Plus 13-3 5101001310S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-03 Expando PT Plus 19-3 5101001910S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-03 Expando PT Plus 32-3 5101003210S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-03 Expando PT Plus 45-3 5101004510S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-03 Expando PT Plus 51-3 5101005110S  


FMC-EXPPTPLU-003-02 Expando PT Plus 3-2 5101000305S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-006-02 Expando PT Plus 6-2 5101000605S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-010-02 Expando PT Plus 10-2 5101001005S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-013-02 Expando PT Plus 13-2 5101001305S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-019-02 Expando PT Plus 19-2 5101001905S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-032-02 Expando PT Plus 32-2 5101003205S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-045-02 Expando PT Plus 45-2 5101004505S  
FMC-EXPPTPLU-051-02 Expando PT Plus 51-2 5101005105S  
Short Product Description:
Expando PT PLU is a braided polyester (PET) sleeving designed to be cut with scissors for applications up to 125C.
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