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Ben-Har Ex-Flex Heat-Treated End Fray Resistant Sleeving

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Ben-Har Ex-Flex is a Heat-Treated Fiberglass Sleeving - Saturated - rated to 240°C + Class C and VW1 in Black.

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Ben-Har Ex-Flex is a braided fiberglass sleeving which is heat treated and saturated to prevent end fray and increase ease of handling. This product was developed to meet end fray resistance needs of most assembly operations and for high temperature applications where ordinary film varnish and impregnates cannot be used. Ben- Har Ex-Flex withstands normal assembly handling, cut-through, and mechanical stress without the loss of insulating capability. However, performance is determined by wall thickness. The sleeving is stable in the presence of most organic solvents and shows no effect when exposed to 10 megarads of radiation. Ben-Har Ex-Flex should be considered where assembly conditions or color requirements dictate use of fray retarding or pigment saturant. If subsequent service or accidental temperatures exceed 240ºC, the saturant will gradually volatize without toxic or excessive fumes or smoke. Ben-Har Ex-Flex is used extensively in wire harness assemblies where its flexibility and ease of expansion over irregular terminals and groups of wires makes application easy. It is also used as supplementary insulation on HPN type heater cord leads to protect the primary insulation from mechanical damage and thermal degradation. It will not contaminate delicate terminals or corrode any exposed surfaces. Ex-Flex can be applied in sealed environments, such as steam-dry irons, where the high temperature distillates or ordinary impregnates could damage contacts.

APC-EXFLEXzz-0000-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 0 - Black 3600790003S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0095-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3/8" Black 3600701003S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0100-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 1 - Black 3600790103S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0111-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 7/16" Black 3600701103S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0127-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 1/2" Black 3600701303S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0158-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 5/8" Black 3600701603S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0190-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3/4" Black 3600701903S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0200-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 2 - Black 3600790203S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0300-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3 - Black 3600790303S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0400-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 4 - Black 3600790403S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0500-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 5 - Black 3600790503S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0600-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 6 - Black 3600790603S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0700-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 7 - Black 3600790703S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0800-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 8 - Black 3600790803S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0900-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 9 - Black 3600790903S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1000-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 10 - Black 3600791003S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1100-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 11 - Black 3600791103S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1200-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 12 - Black 3600791203S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1400-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 14 - Black 3600791403S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1600-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 16 - Black 3600791603S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1800-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 18 - Black 3600791803S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2000-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 20 - Black 3600792003S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2200-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 22 - Black 3600792203S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2400-00 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 24 - Black 3600792403S

APC-EXFLEXzz-0000-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 0 - Natural 3600790001S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0095-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3/8" Natural 3600701001S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0100-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 1 - Natural 3600790101S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0111-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 7/16" Natural 3600701101S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0127-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 1/2" Natural 3600701301S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0158-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 5/8" Natural 3600701601S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0190-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3/4" Natural 3600701901S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0200-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 2 - Natural 3600790201S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0300-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 3 - Natural 3600790301S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0400-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 4 - Natural 3600790401S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0500-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 5 - Natural 3600790501S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0600-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 6 - Natural 3600790601S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0700-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 7 - Natural 3600790701S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0800-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 8 - Natural 3600790801S
APC-EXFLEXzz-0900-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 9 - Natural 3600790901S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1000-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 10 - Natural 3600791001S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1100-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 11 - Natural 3600791101S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1200-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 12 - Natural 3600791201S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1400-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 14 - Natural 3600791401S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1600-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 16 - Natural 3600791601S
APC-EXFLEXzz-1800-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 18 - Natural 3600791801S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2000-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 20 - Natural 3600792001S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2200-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 22 - Natural 3600792201S
APC-EXFLEXzz-2400-11 Ben-Har Ex-Flex 24 - Natural 3600792401S
Short Product Description:
Ben-Har Ex-Flex is a Heat-Treated Fiberglass Sleeving - Saturated - rated to 240°C + Class C and VW1 in Black.