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Ben-Har 1151 Heavy Wall Heat/Flex Sleeving

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Ben-Har 1151 Heavy Wall is an Extrusion Coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving -rated to 200°C, Dielectric up to 15KVWall, Heavy Wall in Red Iron Oxide.

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Through its unique extrusion process, Bentley-Harris® Ben-Har 1151-HW has unique properties unequaled by ordinary dip coated sleevings. The silicone rubber coating is a tough and integral part of the sleeving, giving Ben-Har 1151-HW unsurpassed heat/flex life and protection against production assembly hazards. The coating's formulation design allows the inside diameter of the sleeving to expand over wire sizes larger than its original diameter without coating fracture or end fray, providing the 'snug fit so essential to preventing vibration damage. Ben-Har 1151-HW is braided using inorganic fiberglass treated by a patented process to retard fraying and remove foreign matter. A silicone pretreatment impregnates the braid to prevent wicking. With a heavier wall thickness than that of traditional silicone sleevings found in the industry, Ben Har 1151-HW affords excellent resistance to dielectric breakdown caused by operational stresses. Ben-Har 1151-HW is resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and is compatible with common Class H insulating varnishes. Slight swelling is produced by aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated organic solvents. Ketones and esters may cause deterioration. Swelling caused by oil immersion varies from negligible to 1 1/2 times original volume, but is not indicative of deterioration. Oils of high aromatic content have a more serious effect. Ben-Har 1151-HW is used extensively for terminal insulation and protection, as well as in dry-type transformer applications.

APC-BH1151HW-0000-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 0 Red Iron Oxide 3300690014S
APC-BH1151HW-0100-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 1 Red Iron Oxide 3300690114S
APC-BH1151HW-0111-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 7/16" Red Iron Oxide 3300601114S
APC-BH1151HW-0127-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 1/2" Red Iron Oxide 3300601314S
APC-BH1151HW-0158-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 5/8" Red Iron Oxide 3300601614S
APC-BH1151HW-0190-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 3/4" Red Iron Oxide 3300601914S
APC-BH1151HW-0200-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 2 Red Iron Oxide 3300690214S
APC-BH1151HW-0222-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 7/8" Red Iron Oxide 3300602214S
APC-BH1151HW-0254-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 1" Red Iron Oxide 3300602514S
APC-BH1151HW-0300-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 3 Red Iron Oxide 3300690314S
APC-BH1151HW-0400-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 4 Red Iron Oxide 3300690414S
APC-BH1151HW-0500-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 5 Red Iron Oxide 3300690514S
APC-BH1151HW-0600-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 6 Red Iron Oxide 3300690614S
APC-BH1151HW-0700-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 7 Red Iron Oxide 3300690714S
APC-BH1151HW-0800-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 8 Red Iron Oxide 3300690814S
APC-BH1151HW-0900-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 9 Red Iron Oxide 3300690914S
APC-BH1151HW-0952-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 3/8" Red Iron Oxide 3300601014S
APC-BH1151HW-1000-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 10 Red Iron Oxide 3300691014S
APC-BH1151HW-1200-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 12 Red Iron Oxide 3300691214S
APC-BH1151HW-1400-15 Ben-Har 1151 HW 14 Red Iron Oxide 3300691414S
Short Product Description:
Ben-Har 1151 Heavy Wall is an Extrusion Coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving -rated to 200°C, Dielectric up to 15KVWall, Heavy Wall in Red Iron Oxide.