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Ben-Har ST Natural | Heat-Treated Fiberglass Sleeving

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Ben-Har ST is a Heat-Treated Fiberglass Sleeving rated to 240°C , Unsaturated Class C, and VW-1 in Natural. It is a UL Recognized Component for sizes up to 3/4 - UL FILE #E15253."

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Ben-Har ST is a braided, heat treated fiberglass sleeving made of continuous filament E glass. Heat treated fiberglass sleevings were pioneered to provide the fray resistance necessary in most assembly operations. The heat treatment burns off any low temperature contaminants, insures purity and low off gas content and promotes bonding or saturating where desired. Ben-Har ST sleeving is a UL Recognized Component meeting VW-1 flammability requirements. It is completely unsaturated and provides the greatest possible flexibility with the absolute minimum organic content. Its fray resistance makes practical the use of short lengths and the roundness of the sleeving greatly facilitates wire insertion. The special heat treatment of the fiberglass braid prepares the sleeving for bonding with epoxies,impregnates and varnishes resulting in a superior reinforcement between the fiberglass and the encapsulant or varnish. Ben-Har ST is not affected by temperatures up to 240ºC, and can withstand higher temperatures up to the melting point of glass (760ºC.) The sleeving withstands normal assembly handling, cut-through, and mechanical stress without the loss of insulating capability, however performance is determined by wall thickness (about 1/64".) Ben-Har ST shows no effect when exposed to 10 megarads of radiation. It has a nominal outgassing of 0.25% by weight after four hours at 250ºC.

APC-BHSTzzzz-0000-11 Ben-Har ST 0 - Natural 3700790001S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0095-11 Ben-Har ST 3/8" Natural 3700701001S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0100-11 Ben-Har ST 1 - Natural 3700790101S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0111-11 Ben-Har ST 7/16" Natural 3700701101S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0127-11 Ben-Har ST 1/2" Natural 3700701301S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0158-11 Ben-Har ST 5/8" Natural 3700701601S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0190-11 Ben-Har ST 3/4" Natural 3700701901S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0200-11 Ben-Har ST 2 - Natural 3700790201S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0300-11 Ben-Har ST 3 - Natural 3700790301S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0400-11 Ben-Har ST 4 - Natural 3700790401S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0500-11 Ben-Har ST 5 - Natural 3700790501S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0600-11 Ben-Har ST 6 - Natural 3700790601S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0700-11 Ben-Har ST 7 - Natural 3700790701S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0800-11 Ben-Har ST 8 - Natural 3700790801S
APC-BHSTzzzz-0900-11 Ben-Har ST 9 - Natural 3700790901S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1000-11 Ben-Har ST 10 - Natural 3700791001S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1100-11 Ben-Har ST 11 - Natural 3700791101S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1200-11 Ben-Har ST 12 - Natural 3700791201S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1400-11 Ben-Har ST 14 - Natural 3700791401S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1600-11 Ben-Har ST 16 - Natural 3700791601S
APC-BHSTzzzz-1800-11 Ben-Har ST 18 - Natural 3700791801S
APC-BHSTzzzz-2000-11 Ben-Har ST 20 - Natural 3700792001S
APC-BHSTzzzz-2200-11 Ben-Har ST 22 - Natural 3700792201S
APC-BHSTzzzz-2400-11 Ben-Har ST 24 - Natural 3700792401S
Short Product Description:
Ben-Har ST is a Heat-Treated Fiberglass Sleeving rated to 240°C , Unsaturated Class C, and VW-1 in Natural. It is a UL Recognized Component for sizes up to 3/4 - UL FILE #E15253."