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Thermojacket P

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Thermojacket® P sleeving provides excellent long-term heat protection for hoses, wire harnesses and cables. Thermojacket® is available in a variety of grades, offering industrial users the option of selecting combination of properties best suited to their specific application.


Thermojacket® P sleeving is an unsaturated bulky knit constructed of high-temperature fiberglass yarn that withstands temperatures up to +760ºC (+1400ºF) in continuous operation. Use of this product offers an especially cost-effective application for resistance to high temperatures.


Product Highlights
• Continuous high temperature protection to +760ºC (+1400ºF)
• Highly flexible
• Conforms to irregular shapes and contours
• Lightweight
• Economical
• RoHS Compliant
• Nonimal Sizes from 13mm or (1/2”) to 50.8mm or (2”)


FMC-THERMJAP-013-11 Thermojacket P 8-9 4023001302S
FMC-THERMJAP-019-11 Thermojacket P 12-9 4023001902S
FMC-THERMJAP-025-11 Thermojacket P 16-9 4023002502S
FMC-THERMJAP-038-11 Thermojacket P 24-9 4023003802S
FMC-THERMJAP-045-11 Thermojacket P 28-9 4023004502S
FMC-THERMJAP-051-11 Thermojacket P 32-9 4023005102S