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Thermojacket E

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Thermojacket E is a knitted sleeve developed for insulation of high temperature exhaust systems. Designed with basalt yarns, ThermoJacket E can withstand temperatures up to 750ºC (+1382° F).

The high degree of insulation provided by Thermojacket E enables exhaust gas to maintain temperature as it moves through the exhaust system. Maintenance of exhaust gas temperature is important in order to ensure complete conversion of exhaust gas and particulates. Complete conversion is necessary to meet the increasingly strict emission regulations set in place by government mandate.

Thermojacket E innovative design can expand up to 1.5 times its own diameter and accommodates flanges and bends typically seen on exhaust system components.

Optional attachment methods are also available. The new construction can also accommodate vent holes to direct heat away.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature up to +650°C (+ 1202° F)
• Peak temperature + 750°C ( + 1382° F)
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Extremely flexible
• Conforms to component
• Low profile


Typical Applications
• Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tubes
• Exhaust System Components



FMC-THJE0051-0152-01 THERMOJACKET E 51-1 4025505109M
FMC-THJE0089-0152-01 THERMOJACKET E 89-1 4025508909M
FMC-THJE0127-0152-01 THERMOJACKET E 127-1 4025512709M
FMC-THJE0140-0152-01 THERMOJACKET E 140-1 4025514009M