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Thermojacket R

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ThermoJacket® R sleeving is constructed of braided fiberglass. Use of an uncoated fiberglass grade results in slick, cloth-like surfaces both inside and outside of the sleeve attributing to the low friction factor of the product.


Bentley-Harris&reg ThermoJacket sleeving provides excellent long-term heat protection for hoses, wire harnesses and cables. ThermoJacket® is available in a variety of grades, offering industrial users the option of selecting combination of properties best suited to their specific application.


The product is capable of withstanding long term and continuous temperatures of up to 540°C and is recommended for applications requiring extreme flexibility.


Product Highlights
• Continuous long-term heat protection from -50°C to +540ºC (-58°F to +1,000ºF)
• Low friction
• Extremely flexible
• Attractive appearance
• RoHS Compliant



FMC-THERMJAR-006-11 ThermoJacket R-4 4022000601S
FMC-THERMJAR-010-11 ThermoJacket R-6 4022001001S
FMC-THERMJAR-013-11 ThermoJacket R-8 4022001301S
FMC-THERMJAS-016-11 ThermoJacket R-10 4022001601S
FMC-THERMJAR-019-11 ThermoJacket R-12 4022001901S
FMC-THERMJAR-022-11 ThermoJacket R-14 4022002201S
FMC-THERMJAR-025-11 ThermoJacket R-16 4022002501S
FMC-THERMJAR-032-11 ThermoJacket R-20 4022003201S
FMC-THERMJAR-035-11 ThermoJacket R-22 4022003501S
FMC-THERMJAR-064-11 ThermoJacket R-44 4022006401S