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Roundit 2000 Cu EMI D

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Roundit® 2000 Cu EMI D is a self-wrapping sleeve designed to provide >40dB of electromagnetic (EM) screening attenuation. Tinned copper wire is combined with polyester yarn to create a wrappable product that offers flexibility and consistent shielding protection. The product features an acrylic/silicone coating to prevent end fray and enable cold cutting for specific product lengths.


Roundit® 2000 Cu EMI D includes conductive fill yarn and integrated copper drain wires for electrical grounding purposes.


Unlike foils and films, Roundit® 2000 Cu EMI D is durable and tear resistant, enabling it to provide long term protection. The product is engineered to reduce installation time, accommodate breakouts and can be installed over completed assemblies.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature up to +150ºC ( +302ºF)
• Provides electromagnetic shielding
• Integrated copper drain wires
• Self-wrapping
• RoHS Compliant


Typical Applications
• Instrument panel harnesses
• Engine compartment harnesses
• battery cables
• Interior harnesses


FMC-RND2CUED-005-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 5-0 5645400503S
FMC-RND2CUED-008-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 8-0 5645400803S
FMC-RND2CUED-010-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 10-0 5645401003S
FMC-RND2CUED-013-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 13-0 5645401303S
FMC-RND2CUED-019-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 19-0 5645401903S
FMC-RND2CUED-025-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 25-0 5645402503S
FMC-RND2CUED-032-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 32-0 5645403203S
FMC-RND2CUED-038-00 ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI D 38-0 5645403803S
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/pub/media/datasheet/ROUNDIT 2000 Cu EMI (2).pdf
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Product Type:
Braided Sleeving
Temperature Range:
-70°C to +150°C (-94°F to +302°F)
Lead Time (weeks):
Short Name:
R2000 CU EMI D, CU EMI D, R2000 Cu EMI D, Cu EMI D
Product Design:
Self-wrapping Sleeve
Size (inch):
Tin-plated copper and polyester mono- and multi-filaments
RoHS Compliant:
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Make installation easier with the Roundit Installation Tool!  This tool is used to install the Roundit fam

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