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Roundit 2000 S EMI

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ROUNDIT® 2000 S EMI is a self-wrapping sleeve designed to provide >30dB of elec­tromagnetic (EM) screening attenuation. 316L fine stainless steel wire is combined with polyester yarn to create a wrappable product that offers flexibility and consistent shield­ing protection in corrosive environments. The product features an acrylidsilicone coating to prevent end fray and enable cold cutting for specific product lengths.

Unlike foils and films, ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI is durable and tear resistant, enabling it to provide long term protection. The product is engineered to reduce installation time, accommodate breakouts and can be installed over completed assemblies. An optional 19 AWG, 316L stranded stainless steel wire is integrated into the sleeve for electrical grounding purposes.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperatures up to +150°C (+302°F)
• Provides electromagnetic shielding
• Self-wrapping design
• Integrated drain wire for proper grounding

Typical Applications
• Instrument panel harnesses
• Engine compartment harnesses
• Battery cables
• Interior harnesses


ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI is available in a range of sizes and cut to your specification. Color is black. Please contact Titan Electronics at 866-956-8323 for availability.


FMC-RND2SEMI-005-00 ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI 5-0 5644000503S
FMC-RND2SEMI-008-00 ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI 8-0 5644000803S
FMC-RND2SEMI-013-00 ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI 13-0 5644001303S
FMC-RND2SEMI-025-00 ROUNDIT 2000 S EMI 25-0 5644002503S