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Expando TCP HE

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Expando® TCP V0 HE is an expandable braided sleeve manufactured from modified polyester monofilaments classified UL 94 V0 which are offering excellent flame-retardant properties. It is designed for the protection of tubing and the maintenance of wire and cable bundles.

This product has a highly expandable structure which allows for easy installation over long lengths even after the fitting of end connectors. Expando® TCP V0 HE has an expansion ratio which enables a large number of diameters to be covered with a limited range of sizes.

Expando® TCP V0 HE is used in a wide range of industries including railway and electrical / electronical devices.

strong>Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -50ºC to +150ºC (-58ºF to +302ºF)
• Self extinguishable;
• Expansion ratio 1:3
• RoHS Compliant
• Zero halogen
• UL 94 V0 (raw material)
• Excellent abrasionresistance
• Expandable design accommodates a variety of sizes Self-extinguishing when used to encase typical non-flammable wires or cables
• Standard color is available in Black with Grey Tracer

FMC-EXPTCPHE-003-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 3-0/8 5081100338S
FMC-EXPTCPHE-006-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 6-0/8 5081100638S
FMC-EXPTCPHE-013-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 13-0/8 5081101338S
FMC-EXPTCPHE-019-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 19-0/8 5081101938S
FMC-EXPTCPHE-032-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 32-0/8 5081103238S
FMC-EXPTCPHE-045-32 Expando TCP-V0 HE 45-0/8 5081104538S