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Expando FR TW

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Expando® FR TW 51-0/9 is an expandable sleeve constructed of flame-retardant polyester (PET) that is designed for applications up to 125ºC (257ºF). They are UL Recognized as VW-1 oversleeve. Expando® FR TW 51-0/9 balances the properties of mechanical and thermal stability with economy.


Expando® FR TW 51-0/9 protective oversleeves has many applications in the electronics, marine, and general manufacturing industries. The ability of these sleeves to retain flexibility at low temperatures makes them ideal for exposed applications in weather stations, navigation beacons, radar antennas, and airborne and space systems.


Expando® products are tough, lightweight oversleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The open-braid construction of Expando products enables each size to expand to fit several application shapes and diameters. This open-textile construction also makes them highly flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat, and humidity.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -70ºC to 125ºC (-94ºF to 257ºF)
• VW-1
• Tight Weave provides greater abrasion protection
• UL Recognized Component
• Does not trap heat or humidity
• Rot-free
• Expandable design accommodates a variety of sizes


FMC-EXPFRTWz-003-32 Expando FR TW 3-0/9 5022000332S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-006-32 Expando FR TW 6-0/9 5022000632S



FMC-EXPFRTWz-008-32 Expando FR TW 8-0/9 5022000832S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-013-32 Expando FR TW 13-0/9 5022001332S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-013-32 Expando FR TW 14-0/9 5022001432S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-019-32 Expando FR TW 19-0/9 5022001932S



FMC-EXPFRTWz-025-32 Expando FR TW 25-0/9 5022002532S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-032-32 Expando FR TW 32-0/9 5022003232S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-038-32 Expando FR TW 38-0/9 5022003832S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-038-32 Expando FR TW 45-0/9 5022004532S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-051-32 Expando FR TW 51-0/9 5022005132S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-057-32 Expando FR TW 57-0/9 5022005732S  
FMC-EXPFRTWz-064-32 Expando FR TW 64-0/9 5022005732S  


FMC-EXPFRTWz-003-23 Expando FR TW 3-9/0 5022000323S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-006-23 Expando FR TW 6-9/0 5022000623S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-008-23 Expando FR TW 8-9/0 5022000823S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-013-23 Expando FR TW 13-9/0 5022001323S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-013-23 Expando FR TW 14-9/0 5022001423S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-019-23 Expando FR TW 19-9/0 5022001923S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-025-23 Expando FR TW 25-9/0 5022002523S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-032-23 Expando FR TW 32-9/0 5022003223S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-038-23 Expando FR TW 38-9/0 5022003823S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-038-23 Expando FR TW 45-9/0 5022004523S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-051-23 Expando FR TW 51-9/0 5022005123S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-057-23 Expando FR TW 57-9/0 5022005723S
FMC-EXPFRTWz-064-23 Expando FR TW 64-9/0 5022005723S