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Expando FR 9mil Tight Weave

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Expando® FR TW 9mil 64-0/9 is a braided, flame-retardant polyester (PET) sleeving designed for applications up to 125ºC (+257ºF). This product differs from standard Expando® FR in monofilament diameter, coverage and expandability. The standard monofilament diameter is .010”, while the Expando® FRTW 9mil 64-0/9 is made with monofilaments measuring .009” in diameter. Expando® FRTW 9mil 64-0/9 has more coverage but less expandability than standard Expando® FR. This product was designed specifically for the Boeing Company to meet their specification BMS13-52 Type V, but can be used in any application where flame-retardancy in a thinner walled product is desired.


Expando® products are tough, lightweight oversleeves used to protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The open-braid construction of Expando products enables each size to expand to fit several application shapes and diameters. This open-textile construction also makes them highly flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -70ºC to +125ºC (-94ºF to +257ºF)
• FAR Part 25
• BMS 13-52 Type V
• Halogen-free
• Does not trap heat or humidity
• Rot-free
• Expandable design accommodates a variety of sizes
• RoHS Compliant

FMC-EXPFR9TW-003-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 3-9/0 5029700323S BMS13-52-5-013-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-006-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 6-9/0 5029700623S BMS13-52-5-025-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-008-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 8-9/0 5029700823S BMS13-52-5-031-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-013-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 13-9/0 5029701323S BMS13-52-5-050-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-014-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 14-9/0 5029701423S BMS13-52-5-056-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-019-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 19-9/0 5029701923S BMS13-52-5-075-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-025-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 25-9/0 5029702523S BMS13-52-5-100-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-032-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 32-9/0 5029703223S BMS13-52-5-125-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-038-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 38-9/0 5029703823S BMS13-52-5-150-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-045-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 45-9/0 5029704523S BMS13-52-5-175-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-051-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 51-9/0 5029705123S BMS13-52-5-200-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-057-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 57-9/0 5029705723S BMS13-52-5-225-9
FMC-EXPFR9TW-064-23 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 64-9/0 5029706423S BMS13-52-5-250-9


FMC-EXPFR9TW-003-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 3-0/9 5029700332S BMS13-52-5-013-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-006-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 6-0/9 5029700632S BMS13-52-5-025-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-008-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 8-0/9 5029700832S BMS13-52-5-031-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-013-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 13-0/9 5029701332S BMS13-52-5-050-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-014-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 14-0/9 5029701432S BMS13-52-5-056-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-019-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 19-0/9 5029701932S BMS13-52-5-075-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-025-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 25-0/9 5029702532S BMS13-52-5-100-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-032-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 32-0/9 5029703232S BMS13-52-5-125-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-038-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 38-0/9 5029703832S BMS13-52-5-150-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-045-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 45-0/9 5029704532S BMS13-52-5-175-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-051-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 51-0/9 5029705132S BMS13-52-5-200-0
FMC-EXPFR9TW-057-32 Expando FR 9 MIL TW 57-0/9 <a title="Expando FR 9 Mil TW 57-0/9" href="htt
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Product Type:
Braided Expandable Sleeving
Temperature Range:
-70°C to +125°C (-94°F to +257°F)
NAI - 1511 - Type VI Class 2
Lead Time (weeks):
4 to 5
Part Number:
Short Name:
Expando FR 9mil TW, Expando FR TW 9mil
FAR Part 25:
Size (inch):
Flame-retardant Polyester (PET)
RoHS Compliant:
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