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Therm-L-Wrap 66

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Therm-L-Wrap™ 66 is a self-wrapping, reflective sleeve designed to provide thermal protection from both radiant and convective heat. Composed of a woven fiberglass base fabric and a lamination of aluminum foil, the product can withstand convective heat soaks up to +200ºC (+392°F) and simultaneously protect critical components from radiant or reflected heat.

The unique woven structure imparts a level of flexibility not found in other reflective products. It also allows the product to maintain a circular profile when flexed.

The self-wrapping design of Therm-L-Wrap 66 allows for quick and easy installation while the addition of a self-sealing adhesive reinforcement allows for permanent closure. The adhesive strip acts as a barrier to dirt and fluids while maintaining the full integrity of the finished aluminized sleeve.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +200ºC (-76ºF to +392ºF)
• Excellent radiant heat protection
• FAR Part 25.853
• Excellent EMI shielding performance
• Self-wrapping design
• Flexible




Therm-L-Wrap 66 10

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FMC-THRMWP66-016-15 Therm-L-Wrap 66 16 4034101616M
FMC-THRMWP66-019-15 Therm-L-Wrap 66 19 4034101916M
FMC-THRMWP66-025-15 Therm-L-Wrap 66 25 4034102516M