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Clevaflex F-A

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Clevaflex® F-A is a reflective corrugated tube designed to provide thermal protection for components in radiant heat environments. Its multi-ply construction of aluminum laminated fiberglass coupled with an aluminum foil exterior also allows for good insulation to components requiring stable temperatures for optimum performance efficiency.

Clevaflex® F-A can be used on fuel and hydraulic lines, control cables, and any other critical components in close proximity to engine and exhaust systems. The raw materials and proprietary manufacturing process used to form this layered product allow Clevaflex® F-A to withstand high operating temperatures up to +400°C (+752°F) and excursion temperatures up to +600°C (+1112°F) while also providing durability in the high vibration and underbody conditions inherent in automotive applications.

The manufacturing process produces a lightweight convoluted sleeve that can be precisely bent and routed without degradation or frayed ends. The highly engineered construction also allows for customization (slits, slots or notches) to increase the ease of installation along with enabling its positioning on the application due to its ability to be crimped at the ends.

Product Highlights
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +400°C  (-40°F to +752°F)
• Excursion temperatures up to +600°C (+1112°F)
• Tubular and wrappable constructions
• Flexible and crimpable
• Maintains shape and circular profile when bent
• Custom end finishing
• Fray resistant
• Durable
• Abrasion protection
• Fluid resistant
• Crush resistant
• RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications
• Fuel and Hydraulic lines
• Power steering hoses
• Heater and Radiator hoses
• Control cables
• TOC lines

Available Nominal Sizes and Cut Lengths
• 13mm, 16.5mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 29mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50.8mm, 80mm, 104mm and 114mm
• Cut lengths from 70mm up to 20 feet