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Expando QT

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Expando® QT is a lightweight, highly flexible solution used to suppress noise on wires and cable assemblies. Its rugged construction also provides mechanical protection that is superior to foam.


Expando® QT is easy to apply with one size fitting multiple applications. In addition, the open weave construction permits drainage and prevents condensation.


Expando® QT is braided from a combination of abrasion-resistant polyester monofilament strands and noise suppression polyester multifilament strands.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -40ºC to +150ºC (-40ºF to +302ºF)
• Excellent noise suppression
• RoHS Compliant
• Uniform appearance
• Extremely lightweight
• Abrasion resistant
• Does not trap heat or moisture


FMC-EXPQTzzz-002-00 Expando QT 6-0 5001300603S
FMC-EXPQTzzz-006-00 Expando QT 13-0 5001301303S
FMC-EXPQTzzz-013-00 Expando QT 19-0 5001301903S
FMC-EXPQTzzz-016-00 Expando QT 25-0 5001302503S
FMC-EXPQTzzz-019-00 Expando QT 32-0 5001303203S