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Thermal-L-Lite FG

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Thermal-L-Lite FG is a one-piece fiberglass sleeve that is laminated to an aluminum foil. A special manufacturing process permits the sleeve to boast a virtually seamless and non fraying construction. This features make Thermal-L-Lite FG a low profile solution easily applied to the application it protects. The outer aluminum finish is highly reflective while the inner layer of the fiberglass greatly increases insulating efficiency.

Thermal-L-Lite FG provides a maximum protection for tubings and hoses, engine wire harnesses and other critical components requiring radiant heat protection. It also provides superior fluid resistance.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature up to 200°C
• Excellent protection against radiant heat
• Flexible
• Low Profile
• Fluid and chemical resistant
• Easy installation


Typical Applications
• Tubings and hoses
• A/C lines
• Hydraulic and fuel lines
• Control cables
• Engine Wire Harnesses
• Hybrid vehicles



FMC-THERMLFG-010-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 10-ALU 4033001016S
FMC-THERMLFG-013-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 13-ALU 4033001316S
FMC-THERMLFG-016-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 16-ALU 4033001616S
FMC-THERMLFG-019-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 19-ALU 4033001916S
FMC-THERMLFG-022-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 22-ALU 4033002216S
FMC-THERMLFG-025-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 25-ALU 4033002516S
FMC-THERMLFG-032-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 32-ALU 4033003216S
FMC-THERMLFG-038-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 38-ALU 4033003816S
FMC-THERMLFG-045-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 45-ALU 4033004516S
FMC-THERMLFG-051-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 51-ALU 4033005116S
FMC-THERMLFG-064-15 Therm-L-Lite FG 64-ALU 4033006416S