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FlattenIt® is an advanced textile structure engineered to facilitate the installation of round wire bundles into tight or confined spaces. Woven with lightweight thermoplastic yarns, the product maintains wire bundles in a flat, low profile. By forcing wires to lay in a flat position, the bundle size is reduced, allowing routing through confined areas such as under carpet, headliner, under seat and door harness applications. The combination of flexibility, strength and low bulk make FlattenIt® an obvious choice for engineers requiring more design freedom than allowed by typical plastic channels.


Woven with an integral closure mechanism, FlattenIt® opens to enable easy installation yet closes securely to maintain integrity of the wire bundle. The closure is designed to allow easy access for inspection, rework or replacement of components. The products wrap construction also permits installation onto portions of already installed wire harnesses.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -40ºC to +125ºC (-40ºF to +257ºF)
• Maintains wires in a flat configuration
• provides directional flexibility
• Lightweight
• Excellent abrasion resistance


Typical Applications
• Wire harnesse
• Under carpet wire assemblies
• Headliner assemblies
• Door harnesses and Seat harnesses
• Standard color is Black.


FMC-FLATTENT-030-00 FlattenIt 30-0
FMC-FLATTENT-040-00 FlattenIt 40-0
FMC-FLATTENT-050-00 FlattenIt 50-0
FMC-FLATTENT-065-00 FlattenIt 65-0
FMC-FLATTENT-075-00 FlattenIt 75-0