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Roundit 2000 NX VTR

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Roundit® 2000 NX Vtr 40-5/7 is a woven combination of Nomex® and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). The Nomex/PPS blend in a flat weave construction gives Roundit® 2000 NX Vtr 40-5/7 a rugged yet smooth texture and appearance for high temperature bundling and abrasion resistance. This product is rated to +200ºC (+392ºF) and is non-halogenated.


Roundit® 2000 NX Vtr 40-5/7 is ideal for commercial and defense aircraft applications due to its excellent abrasion resistance and halogen-free qualities.


Roundit® 2000 NX Vtr 40-5/7 has been specially designed to identify and protect wire harnesses made of optical fiber.


Roundit® products are tough, lightweight oversleeves used to bundle and protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The self-wrapping feature of ROUNDIT® products allows for quick and easy application and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. The product may also be applied or removed without disturbing connectors or fittings.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +200ºC (-76ºF to +392ºF)
• ASD EN 6049-006
• BMS 13-81 Type 1
• DMS2379 Class 4, Type 4
• FAR Part 25.853
• Halogen-free
• Self-wrapping design
• Reduces the space needed to install and secure wire harnesses on the structure
• Tough fabric texture
• Ideal for reworking components without disconnecting them
• Oil and water repellent
• RoHS Compliant


FMC-RND2NXVT-005-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 5-5/7 5676000579S 5970016095655
FMC-RND2NXVT-008-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 8-5/7 5676000879S 5970016095633
FMC-RND2NXVT-013-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 13-5/7 5676001379S 5970016095670
FMC-RND2NXVT-016-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 16-5/7 5676001679S  
FMC-RND2NXVT-019-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 19-5/7 5676001979S 5970016095674
FMC-RND2NXVT-025-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 25-5/7 5676002579S 5970016095679
FMC-RND2NXVT-032-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 32-5/7 5676003279S 5970016095672
FMC-RND2NXVT-040-18 ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR 40-5/7 5676004079S 5970016095663
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/pub/media/datasheet/ROUNDIT 2000 NX VTR (2).pdf
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Product Type:
Wap-around sleeving
Temperature Range:
-60°C to +200°C (-76°F to +392°F)
Lead Time (weeks):
9 to 11
Short Name:
Roundit 2000 NX VTR, R2000 NX VTR, NX VTR
Product Design:
Flammability Ratings:
FAR Part 25 § 853 & ABD 031
FAR Part 25:
Halogen Free:
Size (inch):
Nomex® and PPS
RoHS Compliant:
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Make installation easier with the Roundit Installation Tool!  This tool is used to install the Roundit family of

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