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Roundit 2000 OR | Orange Connection Identification

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Federal Mogul Roundit 2000 OR

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ROUNDIT® 2000 OR is a self-wrapping sleeve designed to provide mechanical protection and acoustical noise suppression. Woven of both monofilament and multifilament polyester yarns the product offers a high level of component protection and is both flexible and lightweight. Colored orange, ROUNDIT 2000 OR is commonly used to identify high voltage cables in hybrid vehicles.

The polyester construction eliminates problems associated with trapped heat and humidity and also eliminates operator skin irritation during assembly.

ROUNDIT 2000 OR offers superior abrasion protection and maintains a circular profile when flexed. Its self-wrapping design allows for quick and easy bundling of wire and cable assemblies. The unique design easily allows for breakouts and can be installed over completed assemblies.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperatures up to +150°C (+302°F)
• High level of abrasion resistance
• Self-wrapping tubular design
• Extremely lightweight
• Used to identify critical components

Typical Applications
• Instrument panel harnesses
• Engine compartment harnesses
• High voltage cables
• Hybrid vehicles


FMC-RND2ORzz-005-03 5692200510S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 5-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-008-03 5692200810S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 8-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-010-03 5692201010S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 10-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-013-03 5692201310S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 13-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-019-03 5692201910S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 19-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-025-03 5692202510S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 25-3
FMC-RND2ORzz-032-03 5692203210S ROUNDIT 2000 OR 32-3
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Federal Mogul Roundit 2000 OR
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