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Roundit Therm A

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Roundit® Therm-A is a multi-layer thickwall wrappable sleeving with an oil and water repellent treatment designed for thermal protection and maintenance of wire and cable bundles. Its 100% covering ratio provides excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance.


The construction of Roundit® Therm-A ensures an excellent fire protection for wire harnesses up to +1100ºC (+2000ºF) for 5 minutes according to ISO 2685 specification.


The self-wrapping design of Roundit® Therm-A allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. This design also accommodates break-out areas and provides ease of removal when inspection or maintenance of cables is necessary. To secure break-out areas RT TAPE is available.


As an additional benefit,Roundit® Therm-A is available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of cables and wire diameters.


Closure of the product is secured with a fire resistant lacing tape NT-40 withstanding 5 min at +1100?C (+2000?F) in compliance with ISO 2685.


Roundit® Therm-A is mainly used in the aircraft industry.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +260ºC (-76ºF to +500ºF)
• ASD EN 6049-009
• Fire protection of wire harnesses acc. to ISO 2685: 5 minutes at +1100ºC (+2012ºF)
• Excellent cut-through and abrasion resistance
• Halogen-free
• Self-wrapping design
• Ideal for reworking components without disconnecting them
• Oil and water repellent
• RoHS Compliant



Roundit Therm A 10-5


EN 6049-009-10-5

Roundit Therm A 16-5


EN 6049-009-16-5

Roundit Therm A 24-5


EN 6049-009-24-5

Roundit Therm A 32-5


EN 6049-009-32-5