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Roundit 2000 FR | Flame-retardant Polyester | Self-wrapping Sleeve

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Roundit 2000 FR Self Wrapping Sleeving

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Roundit® 2000 FR is a wrap-around sleeving manufactured from flame-retardant polyester monofilaments and multifilaments, designed for mechanical protection and maintenance of wire and cable bundles. Its construction with 100% covering ratio provides good abrasion resistance.

The self-wrapping feature of Roundit® 2000 FR allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. Roundit® 2000 FR may be applied and removed without any manipulation of connectors or fittings and offers an innovative solution in areas where breakouts are necessary.

Roundit®2000 FR has many applications in the Aerospace, Defense, RAIL, Marine and Electronic industries.

Product Highlights

• Operating temperature from -50ºC to +150ºC (-58ºF to +302ºF)
• Self-wrapping design
• Flame resistant
• Zero halogen
• Abrasion resistant
• RoHS Compliant

Installation Features

• Ideal for bundling without disconnecting components
• Accommodate break-outs
• Multifilament construction soft to the cables

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FMC-RND2FRzz-008-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 8 5663000832S  
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FMC-RND2FRzz-019-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 19 5663001932S  
FMC-RND2FRzz-025-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 25 5663002532S 5970015076508
FMC-RND2FRzz-029-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 29 5663002932S  
FMC-RND2FRzz-032-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 32 5663003232S  
FMC-RND2FRzz-038-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 38 5663003832S  
FMC-RND2FRzz-051-32 ROUNDIT 2000 FR 50 5663005032S  
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Roundit 2000 FR Self Wrapping Sleeving
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