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Ben-Har 1151-FRB Grade B Blue/Gray

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Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB Grade B is a rugged, flame-retardant, silicone rubber coated sleeving that provides excellent cut-through and abrasion protection for wiring systems in applications with temperatures ranging from -70ºC to +200ºC. Because the specially formulated silicone rubber is extrusion coated over the non-combustible fiberglass braid, it results in a reinforced sleeving that is superior to ordinary dip-coated sleeving and unreinforced rubber or plastic tubing.

The improved flame-retardant characteristics mean that 1151-FRB Grade B is difficult to ignite, has a very slow rate of burn travel and self-extinguishes promptly - even after bottom ignition of a vertical specimen. 1151-FRB Grade B is used to separate/isolate/insulate critical circuits and conductors, as a thermal barrier for limited periods, as identification marking, or as a wire bundling mechanism. It is ideal for protecting wiring systems in modern jet aircraft against abrasion, impact, harmful drip, splash or spray. Qualified by major U.S. airframe manufacturers, 1151-FRB Grade B meets all of the performance requirements of DMS 2109.

Ben-Har 1151-FRB Grade B is resistant to hydraulic fluids (including Skydrol LD), jet fuels, inorganic acids, and alkalis. Some swelling occurs in aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents.

Product Highlights


• Operating temperature
-70°C to +200ºC (-94°F to +392ºF) Class H
• Grade B (4,000V)
• Meets VW-1 (sizes up to 1”)
• FAR Part 25
• DMS 2109
• NEMA 5
• Expands 25% or more in diameter without damage
• Available in blue/gray color only

FMC-BH1151GA-023-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 2.4-6 3250291115S
FMC-BH1151GA-031-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 3.4-6 3250290815S
FMC-BH1151GA-039-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 4-6 3250200415S
FMC-BH1151GA-043-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 4.2-6 3250290615S
FMC-BH1151GA-047-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 4.7-6 3250290515S
FMC-BH1151GA-055-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 5.3-6 3250290415S
FMC-BH1151GA-063-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 6.7-6 3250290215S
FMC-BH1151GA-079-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 8-6 3250200815S
FMC-BH1151GA-095-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 10-6 3250201015S
FMC-BH1151GA-127-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 13-6 3250201315S
FMC-BH1151GA-158-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 16-6 3250201615S
FMC-BH1151GA-190-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 19-6 3250201915S
FMC-BH1151GA-254-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 25-6 3250202515S
FMC-BH1151GA-317-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 32-6 3250203215S
FMC-BH1151GA-381-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 38-6 3250203815S
FMC-BH1151GA-508-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 51-6 3250205115S
FMC-BH1151GA-762-14 Ben-Har 1151-FR B Grade B 76-6 3250207615S