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Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 - Extrusion Coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass

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Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 is an Extrusion Coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving rated to 240°C, Grade A (7,000V). It is a UL recognized component - UL FILE #E63446 & CSA FILE #LR58703 in Red Iron Oxide.

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Bentley-Harris® Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 is a unique silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeving attaining the first UL recognition of a fabric-reinforced sleeving for 240°C service temperatures. By combining a proprietary silicone rubber formulation with an extrusion-coating technique, a significant advance in insulation has been achieved. The operating temperature spectrum has been increased and a significant improvement in mechanical and electrical properties has been realized. Extrusion processing permits the construction of a truly elastic sleeving, insuring a snug fit without installation difficulty or damage to the coating. 1151-XL-240 simplifies procedures for examination of finished assemblies and components. No longer will delays and extra tests due to questionable insulating sleeving plague the design engineer. Because of its prior approval by U.L., 1151-XL-240 can be the quick solution for high temperature insulation needs. Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 is resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis, and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Slight swelling may be caused by aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated organic solvents. Ketons and esters have a softening effect on the product. No discernible effect is shown when the sleeving is exposed to 10 megarads of radiation.

APC-BH51XL24-0000-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 0 Red Iron Oxide 3310190014S
APC-BH51XL24-0100-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 1 Red Iron Oxide 3310190114S
APC-BH51XL24-0111-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 7/16" Red Iron Oxide 3310101114S
APC-BH51XL24-0127-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 1/2" Red Iron Oxide 3310101314S
APC-BH51XL24-0158-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 5/8" Red Iron Oxide 3310101614S
APC-BH51XL24-0190-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 3/4" Red Iron Oxide 3310101914S
APC-BH51XL24-0200-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 2 Red Iron Oxide 3310190214S
APC-BH51XL24-0222-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 7/8" Red Iron Oxide 3310102214S
APC-BH51XL24-0254-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 1" Red Iron Oxide 3310102514S
APC-BH51XL24-0300-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 3 Red Iron Oxide 3310190314S
APC-BH51XL24-0400-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 4 Red Iron Oxide 3310190414S
APC-BH51XL24-0500-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 5 Red Iron Oxide 3310190514S
APC-BH51XL24-0600-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 6 Red Iron Oxide 3310190614S
APC-BH51XL24-0700-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 7 Red Iron Oxide 3310190714S
APC-BH51XL24-0800-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 8 Red Iron Oxide 3310190814S
APC-BH51XL24-0900-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 9 Red Iron Oxide 3310190914S
APC-BH51XL24-0952-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 3/8" Red Iron Oxide 3310101014S
APC-BH51XL24-1000-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 10 Red Iron Oxide 3310191014S
APC-BH51XL24-1200-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 12 Red Iron Oxide 3310191214S
APC-BH51XL24-1400-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 14 Red Iron Oxide 3310191414S
APC-BH51XL24-1600-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 16 Red Iron Oxide 3310191614S
APC-BH51XL24-1800-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 18 Red Iron Oxide 3310191814S
APC-BH51XL24-2000-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 20 Red Iron Oxide 3310192014S
APC-BH51XL24-2200-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 22 Red Iron Oxide 3310192214S
APC-BH51XL24-2400-15 Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 24 Red Iron Oxide 3310192414S
Short Product Description:
Ben-Har 1151-XL-240 is an Extrusion Coated Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving rated to 240°C, Grade A (7,000V). It is a UL recognized component - UL FILE #E63446 & CSA FILE #LR58703 in Red Iron Oxide.