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Silicone Tape 79N

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Silicone Tape 79N is composed of an additional fiberglass base coated with a self-amalgamating silicone elastomer which provides high temperature and mechanical protection.

Silicone Tape 79N will self-amalgamate at ambient temperature. After several hours at ambient temperature, the surface of these tapes sticks together when light pressure is added.

Silicone Tape 79N is used for sealing, connecting and finishing the cut ends of sleeves exposed to high temperature. This product can also be used to provide local protection to connection accessories and other wire harness components.

Product Highlights for Silicone Tape 79N
• Operating temperature from -60ºC to +260ºC (-76ºF to +500ºF)
• Self-amalgamating
• Good fluid resistance
• Easy to install
• ASNA51072503 B
• Shelf life 1 year after date of manufacture
• RoHS Compliant
• The color is BLACK

Product Specifications
• Thickness is 0.5mm or (0.020”)
• Width is 25mm or (1”)
• Includes Glass Tape Substrate
• Standard Roll length is 15m or (50')
• Rolls per Box is 15