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Progard Wrap

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ProGard™ Wrap is a durable, flame retardant, tightly woven nylon sleeving. Constructed from high denier nylon yarns, ProGard Wrap provides superior abrasion and cutthrough protection for hoses, cables, wires, and other applications in a rugged environment. The hook and loop closure system allows for quick and easy installation.

ProGard Wrap’s dense construction provides maximum coverage of hoses and cables.
These properties extend the service life of the protected component and offer a cost savings
associated with decreased hose replacements.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature up to +125°C (+257°F)
• Enhanced abrasion resistance
• Available in various sizes
• Available in black only
• Custom printing available
• High coverage for maximum protection
• Fluid resistant


FMC-PROGARDW-013-00 Progard Wrap 13-0 4301101303S
FMC-PROGARDW-016-00 Progard Wrap 16-0 4301101603S
FMC-PROGARDW-019-00 Progard Wrap 19-0 4301101903S
FMC-PROGARDW-025-00 Progard Wrap 25-0 4301102503S
FMC-PROGARDW-032-00 Progard Wrap 32-0 4301103203S
FMC-PROGARDW-038-00 Progard Wrap 38-0 4301103803S
FMC-PROGARDW-045-00 Progard Wrap 45-0 4301104503S
FMC-PROGARDW-051-00 Progard Wrap 51-0 4301105103S