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Lacing Tape NT-40

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Lacing Tapes are flat braided textiles used for spot ties, cable-lacing and harnessing applications.
The lacing tapes are offered in Teflon®-coated fiberglass (TG series), Nomex® (HT Loc B and HT
TVS series) and Nextel® (NT-40).

Lacing Tape NT-40 is a Nextel braided lacing tape with Teflon coating insuring anti-fray. Lacing Tape NT-40 has out-standing heat and flame resistance up to +1100ºC.

Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -55ºC to +1100ºC (-67ºF to +1212ºF)
• Width in mm and inches (± 0.4;mm) or 0.1106QUOT; is 2.8mm or (0.110")
• Thickness in mm and inches (with a maximum of ± 0.2mm or 0.008") is 1.0mm or (0.039")
• 228 meters or 250 yards per spool
• The color is NATURAL
• Anti-fray
• Good knot slip resistance

FMC-LACTAPNT-040-11 Lacing Tape NT-40