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Hookit is a UL recognized component. Wrapable with hook and integral loop closing feature. -70°C to +125°C. .

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Hookit™ is a lightweight, damage-resistant sleeving used to protect and dress wiring and hose assemblies. Its patented hook and integral loop closing feature eliminates the need for an open end for installation. Hookit™ oversleeve permits quick and easy access for inspection, rework or replacement of components.

The 100% polyester product is comprised of PET monofilament warp strands and PET multifilament weft strands which form the integral loop. The hook portion of the product is secured to the sleeving with a polyester thread.

Hookit™ oversleeve can easily be applied to even very long lengths of cable or hose runs. It can be applied without an open end, and easily removed and re-applied. Hookit™ is ideally suited for cost-effective Iong length detached harness oversleeving, especially on larger sizes. In addition, post-assembly or retrofit applications can be made without removing end hardware and without circuit disturbance or service interruption. It may also be used when experience indicates a need to acid protective sleeving or cosmetic covering on specific segments of wiring already installed.

Hookit™ has many applications in the marine, rail, automotive, electronic and general manufacturing industries.


Product Highlights

• Operating temperature from -70ºC to +125ºC (-94ºF to +257ºF)
• UL recognized component
• Wrappable design
• Secure closure
• Ideal for reworking components without disconnecting them
• Highly flexible
• Does not trap heat or humidity
• Also available with Laminated Reflective Foil*


  • Please contact Titan Electronics for more information about Hookit AL.


FMC-HOOKITzz-013-00 Hookit 13-0



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FMC-HOOKITzz-025-00 Hookit 25-0 5701002503S
FMC-HOOKITzz-032-00 Hookit 32-0 5701003203S
FMC-HOOKITzz-038-00 Hookit 38-0 5701003803S
FMC-HOOKITzz-045-00 Hookit 45-0 5701003803S
FMC-HOOKITzz-051-00 Hookit 51-0 5701005103S


Short Product Description:
Hookit is a UL recognized component. Wrapable with hook and integral loop closing feature. -70°C to +125°C. .
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