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Flexo Shield

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Flexo Shield is a high performance EMI (Electro-magnetic Interference) shielded, braided expandable sleeving. Flexo Shield is cut and abrasion resistant, flexible and lightweight. Our sleeving can help fulfill the requirements of the internationally recognized standard CISPR25 for frequencies ranging from 10 KHz to 1 GHz. It does this by assisting in the shielding of wires that are attached to these electronic components which require this rating. The material is also great for hose covering on hot rods and motorcycles. With its high temperature Aramid fiber cores and low angle braid, Flexo Shield can expand and contract to a limited degree to create a perfect fit. Flexo Shield braid fibers create a sleeve that provides good EMI protection and yields a material with outstanding flex-life. Flexo Shield is great for applications where light weight and high performance are needed such as: computer systems, electronic office equipment, medical electronics, communication systems and many more. Flexo Shield is intended for high flex, high temperature, and environmentally tough applications, therefore making it appropriate for several aerospace applications.

Techflex Flexo Shield 1/8" Silver FSN0.13SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 3/8" Silver FSN0.38SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 1/2" Silver FSN0.50SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 3/4" Silver FSN0.75SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 1" Silver FSN1.00SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 1 1/4" Silver FSN1.25SV
Techflex Flexo Shield 1 1/2" Silver FSN1.50SV
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/pub/media/datasheet/FLEXO SHIELD INFO.pdf
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-45°C to +150°C (-49°F to +302°F)
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/pub/media/datasheet/FLEXO SHIELD TECHNICAL.pdf
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5 to 7
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UL, VW-1
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