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Shrinkflex® Heatshrink End Caps

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Techflex Adhesive Lined Heatshrinkable End Caps

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Adhesive Lined Heatshrinkable End Caps

Protect the whole cable with Shrinkflex® End Caps! Shrinkflex® End Caps insulate and seal off wire and splice terminations, adding critical protection against abrasion, moisture, fraying, chemicals, and corrosion. Designed to be used in tandem with Shrinkflex® heatshrink, these caps are adhesive lined in order to bond with the heatshrink they overlap. Well-suited for automotive, networking, and electrical applications.


Product Sizes

Size Part Number Unshrunk Diameter Shrunk Diameter Bulk Spool Lbs / 10 Pcs.
3/8" HAC0.38BK 9.9mm 4.1mm 10 pcs 0.05/10 pcs
1/2"   HAC0.50BK   14.0mm      4.6mm   10 pcs   0.06/10 pcs
3/4"   HAC0.75BK   19.05mm     6.35mm   10 pcs   0.12/10 pcs
1" HAC1.00BK 25.4mm 7.9mm 10 pcs 0.18/10 pcs
1 1/2" HAC1.50BK 35.1mm 15.0mm 10 pcs 0.43/10 pcs
2" HAC2.00BK 55.1mm 25.4mm 10 pcs 0.91/10 pcs
3" HAC3.00BK 75.0mm 35.1mm 10 pcs 1.60/10 pcs
4"   HAC4.00BK   100.1mm    50.0mm  10 pcs   3.04/10 pcs
5"   HAC5.00BK   119.9mm    60.0mm  10 pcs   4.30/10 pcs


Short Product Description:
Techflex Adhesive Lined Heatshrinkable End Caps