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FyreTape® is a thickwall fiberglass tape coated with silicone rubber that provides thermal protection. FyreTape is used to protect hoses, lines and cables in high temperature areas. It additionally provides protection against short-term hazards such as flame blasts.


When burn-through is a threat, the specially designed construction retards the penetration of the flame. This can allow components to continue to operate for a short amount of time.


The textile construction of FyreTape® allows excellent flexibility in temperatures as low as -60ºC. The silicone coating is highly resistant to a wide range of solvents and fluids.


To allow a good fit when wrapping FyreTape® around its application, use of the selfamalgamating 66N is recommended to further encapsulate the fiberglass and reduce penetration of the fluid inside the assembly. Available colors are RED Iron Oxide and BLACK.


Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -54ºC to +260ºC (-65ºF to +500ºF)
• Low temperature flexibility -54ºC -65ºF
• Excellent thermal protection
• Uninflammable
• Retards burn-through
• Flexible
• Open construction, can be installed on preassembled hoses
•RoHS Compliant


FMC-FYRETAPE-025-12 Fyretape 25-12 4055302510S
FMC-FYRETAPE-051-12 Fyretape 51-12 4055305110S
FMC-FYRETAPE-075-12 Fyretape 76-12 4055307610S
FMC-FYRETAPE-114-12 Fyretape 102-12 4055310210S
FMC-FYRETAPE-127-12 Fyretape 127-12 4055312710S
FMC-FYRETAPE-152-12 Fyretape 152-12 4055315210S