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Dura Braid

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The Techflex Dura Braid is the longest wearing braided abrasion sleeve we have ever made. Taking advantage of the benefits of our braiding heritage Dura Braid is more flexible, easier to fit on applications and has no seam on its axis. The result is a continuous seamless and beautiful product that will protect your hoses and wires even better than our original woven Dura Flex product. In side by side comparisons our new Dura Braid provides 50% more wear life than the industry standard hose protection sleeves. This new technology hose guard wears like iron with help from our new and exclusive polymeric textile infusion process. This is the first product of its kind and it will set a new standard in the hose guard industry. Hydraulic and pneumatic hose systems are hyper critical to many industrial machines. That â„¢s why we take our protection so seriously. Unprotected hose and wire systems cost our economy in so many ways including lost productivity, repairs, and cleanups. Techflex is built on developing and providing solutions before problems occur. We constantly strive to for cost effective solution too and Dura Braid is priced competitively with solutions that offer 1/2 of its abrasion resistance.

TFX-DURABzzz-0127-00 Techflex Dura Braid 1/2" Black DBN0.50BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0159-00 Techflex Dura Braid 5/8" Black DBN0.63BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0191-00 Techflex Dura Braid 3/4" Black DBN0.75BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0222-00 Techflex Dura Braid 7/8" Black DBN0.88BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0254-00 Techflex Dura Braid 1" Black DBN1.00BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0318-00 Techflex Dura Braid 1 1/4" Black DBN1.25BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0381-00 Techflex Dura Braid 1 1/2" Black DBN1.50BK
TFX-DURABzzz-0556-00 Techflex Dura Braid 2 3/16" Black DBN2.19BK
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-45°C to +120°C (-49°F to +248°F)
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/pub/media/datasheet/DURA BRAID TECHNICAL.pdf
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5 to 7
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