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Orange for Safety: High Visibility Protection in HEV and EV Applications

26th Sep 2022

With the popularity of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) increasing among consumers worldwide, vehicle manufacturers are investing heavily in the production of zero emission models. Ford plans to invest $29 million in EVs through 2025. GM has pledged $27 million over the same period and Jaguar has committed to being all electric by 2025. With this massive growth in the EV industry on the horizon, it’s important to consider critical safety measures that must be taken to protect high voltage wiring in hybrid and electric vehicles.


Electrical wiring and components in HEVs and EVs carry up to 800 volts and if handled incorrectly or damaged in a crash can result in fatal electric shock. High voltage cable assemblies need to be both visible and protected to ensure the safety of vehicle owners, service technicians, auto manufacturers, vehicle testers, and first responders.


Since the 1990s when HEVs were first introduced to the market, orange was used to indicate high voltage wiring and connectors. This color coding system clearly identifies which engine components should not be touched without the proper safety training and personal protective equipment. In 2017, Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard No. 305 made the use of orange for high voltage cabling a regulated practice by requiring all EV and HEV manufacturers to use orange color outer coverings for cables of high voltage sources that are located outside electrical protection barriers.


Federal Mogul, an industry-leading manufacturer of cable protection products, has developed the next iteration of orange textile sleeving for high voltage wiring called CrushShield. The product’s multi-layer textile design absorbs and disperses energy during a crash and offers superior cut-through and abrasion protections when compared to similar products. The split loom, heat shrink construction allows for post-production installation enabling existing hybrid and electric vehicles to meet regulations without requiring electrical or wiring redesign and reinstallation. The one product can be used on cabling of different sizes, connectors, brackets, and angles, making installation simple no matter how complex the assembly design.

CrushShield is available in orange for identification and isolation of high voltage cables in hybrid-electric or electric vehicles and can also be ordered in black for non-high-voltage applications including fuel line protection, low voltage cabling, hoses, and air conditioning lines.


Whether your goal is to meet Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard No. 305 for high voltage cabling or you’re looking for a cable protection solution with superior cut through, impact and abrasion resistance, CrushShield is a proven choice. At Titan Electronics, we’re committed to providing our customers with not only the best production selection, but the right product for their application. If you have any questions about CrushShield or want to speak to one of our product specialists about your specific application, contact us.