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Fireflex: The Ultimate Solution for High-Temperature Wire Insulation

10th Aug 2023

In industries where constant temperatures can reach up to 500℉ in zones where wire and cabling is present, employers have a duty to protect their workers from serious heat and fire-related hazards. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of high-temperature wire insulation and the best high temp wire sleeve products from Techflex’s FireFlex® Line.

What is wire and cable insulation?

Insulation refers to the non-conductive part of a cable’s construction or sleeving that allows it to last longer and maintain effectivity. The materials used in insulation preserve the material integrity of the wire from outside elements such as heat, water, chemicals, and physical damage. The type of insulation for your wires and cables to perform at its best will vary depending on the specific application.

What wire insulation materials are suitable for high-temperature applications?

There are three main types of insulation materials: Plastic, Fluoropolymer, and Rubber.

  • Plastics when used as insulation materials exhibit useful characteristics such as ductility, electrical resistance, UV resistance, and fire resistance. These include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene (PE), and Nylon.
  • Fluoropolymers refer to high-performing plastics with strong carbon-fluorine bonds. These polymers— Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP), and Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVF)— are especially resistant to bases, acids, and solvents, and popularly used in electrical insulation.
  • Rubber materials have more flexibility compared to plastic, especially at lower temperatures. The most common rubber materials used in wire insulation include Neoprene (Polychloroprene), Silicone, and Fiberglass.

Silicone-jacketed fiberglass sleeving is a great option for professionals in industries such as automotive, where protection from constant temperatures near 500℉ is mandatory. Fiberglass is commonly used for extremely high-temperature and is also resistant to chemicals and water. Meanwhile, silicone is valued for its high flexibility, exceptional flame retardance, and heat resistance. Techflex developed its Fireflex® line of products specifically for these types of high-heat applications.

The FireFlex® Line by Techflex

FireFlex®: Resists Heat, Abrasion, & Moisture

  • Engineered to withstand extreme heat, open flame, molten splash, and welding sparks.
  • Substantial level of abrasion and puncture protection.

FireFlex® is the best choice for the protection of hoses, cables, and wire harnesses from damage caused by high-heat and open flame factors. It provides a professional-level solution to thermal protection needs in any application.

The fiberglass sleeve is coated with non-permeable silicone which is flexible enough to follow tight curves, while also resisting all automotive chemicals and solvents.

Standout Feature: Protects against open flames

FireFlex® Aero: High-Temperature Sleeve AS1072 Aerospace-grade

  • Engineered to withstand up to 500°F of continuous exposure, and molten splash up to 2,000°F.
  • Highly resistant to lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, and fuels.

Almost all aviation engines utilize FireFlex Aero to protect critical hoses and wiring from damage in case of an engine compartment fire. The braided fiberglass interior insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing, while the high-density silicone coating protects personnel from accidental injury.

FireFlex Aero meets the standards for AS1072, which allows qualified hose assemblies to pass the fire resistance testing specifications of AS1055D.

Standout Feature: Aerospace-grade sleeve

FireFlex® Wrap: Wrappable Hose Protection

  • Shields and protects important hoses and cables from extreme heat and flame outbreaks.
  • Protects continuously up to 500°F and will withstand molten splash of up to 2200°F.

The Fireflex® Wrap has a unique hook and loop closure system which allows for easy installation, without the need to remove and reconnect all fittings and terminations. The reusable closure also allows for easier repair which then minimizes labor and costly downtime.

Standout Feature: Protects and shields hoses

FireFlex® Flat: High Temp, Silicone-coated Fiberglass Hose Wrap

  • Designed specifically to protect components such as hose splitter assemblies and cable splices which are usually of irregular shapes
  • Increased level of protection from abrasion

Fireflex® Flat provides virtually the same protection against exposure to extreme heat, open flame, and molten splash as the Fireflex sleeve but in a versatile tape. The heavy silicone coating ensures that flexibility is maintained while still resisting all automotive chemicals and solvents.

Fireflex® Flat is commonly over-wrapped at 50% in order to provide a double layer of protection. Once installed, it can then be easily secured with two wraps, wire ties, and hose clamps.

Standout Feature: Versatile and easily applied

FireFlex® Snap Wrap

  • Engineered to protect against extreme heat, molten splash, open flame, and sparks from welding
  • Lined with heavy-duty snaps for quick and easy installation

Fireflex® Snap Wrap (FIS) is also constructed from silicone-blanketed fiberglass. This means that it offers the same high-temperature protection as FireFlex. Its added feature includes heavy-duty snaps along the edges of Snap Wrap which allows for quick and easy installation.

Whether it’s from exposure to extreme heat, open flame, molten splash, and welding sparks,

The Fireflex Snap Wrap is engineered to protect welding hoses and assemblies from any form of damage.

Standout Feature: Quick and easy installation

Why choose Fireflex®?

All products in the Fireflex® line by Techflex are constructed with silicone-coated fiberglass, making it heat-resistant to constant temperatures of up to 500°F. The coating also provides your wires and cables with an increased level of abrasion resistance while still maintaining flexibility.

With Fireflex®, you can find the best high-temperature wire sleeve or wrap for your needs. Shop our Fireflex® products today!