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9th May 2022

CrushShield™ is a self-wrapping sleeve designed to provide superior cut-through protection for electrical cables. The tough, multilayer construction enables the product to absorb and disperse energy, thus preventing damage to the electrical cable inside. CrushShield™ has the ability to prevent cut through of electrical cables has made it a product of choice for vehicle manufacturers concerned with isolating HEV cables from the vehicles? electricity-conducting chassis in crash situations. CrushShield™ helps protect the HEV cable enabling the vehicle to meet stringent industry standards yet its lightweight, flexible structure does not impede cable routing or add unnecessary weight.

CrushShield is available in orange, for identification of the high voltage cables in hybrid electric or electric vehicles, as well as black.

Product Highlights
• Operating temperature from -40ºC to +150ºC (-40ºF to +302ºF)
• Excellent cut-through resistance
• Lightweight, flexible
• Color coded for high voltage identification
• RoHS Compliant
• Colors are Black and Orange

FMC-CRSHzzzz-007-035656500710CrushShield 7-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-010-035656501010CrushShield 10-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-013-035656501310CrushShield 13-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-016-035656501610CrushShield 16-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-019-035656501910CrushShield 19-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-025-035656502510CrushShield 25-3
FMC-CRSHzzzz-007-005656500703CrushShield 7-0
FMC-CRSHzzzz-010-005656501003CrushShield 10-0
FMC-CRSHzzzz-013-005656501003CrushShield 13-0
FMC-CRSHzzzz-016-005656501603CrushShield 16-0
FMC-CRSHzzzz-019-005656501903CrushShield 19-0
FMC-CRSHzzzz-025-005656502503CrushShield 25-0