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6747002 Sleeving

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6747002 is VW-1 according to UL 1441 and meets FAR 25 § 853.

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Product Discription

6747002 is an expandable sleeve constructed of Halar* (E-CTFE) fluoropolymer that is designed for applications up to 150ºC (302ºF). Inherently flame-retardant, it is a UL Recognized Component which meets VW-1 requirements, and will not melt and drip on direct exposure to flame. 6747002 sleeving is a special purpose, highly reliable solution for military and aerospace applications. It offers good mechanical properties, performs well in both high and low-temperature environments, and has outstanding chemical resistance.

6747002 protective oversleeve has many uses in the aerospace, marine, electronic, military, nuclear and general manufacturing industries.


Product Highlights

• Operating temperature from -70ºC to +150ºC (-94ºF to +302ºF)
• VW-1 according to UL 1441
• FAR 25 § 853
• UL Recognized Component
• Does not trap heat or humidity
• Rot-free
• Expandable design accommodates a variety of sizes

Short Product Description:
6747002 is VW-1 according to UL 1441 and meets FAR 25 § 853.