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Flexo Clean Cut

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By adjusting the physical characteristics of the polyethylene terepthalate filaments, the engineers at Techflex have produced a product with the same specifications as PET sleeving with the unique advantage of being able to cut the material with ordinary scissors and still maintain an extraordinarily fray-resistant end without the addition of chemical binders or adhesives. Flexo Clean Cut is ideal for field installers and other situations where access to a hot knife is impossible. Clean Cut's fray resistant properties allows frequent expansion of the cut end without unraveling. When cut with a hot knife, Clean Cut produces a clean, smooth and virtually frayless end. Clean Cut is braided for maximum coverage while still allowing enough expansion for easy installation over plugs and connectors.

Techflex Clean Cut 1/8" Black CCP0.13BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1/8" GRAY CCP0.13GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1/4" BLACK CCP0.25BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1/4" GRAY CCP0.25GY
Techflex Clean Cut 3/8" Black CCP0.38BK
Techflex Clean Cut 3/8" GRAY CCP0.38GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1/2" Black CCP0.50BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1/2" GRAY CCP0.50GY
Techflex Clean Cut 3/4" Black CCP0.75BK
Techflex Clean Cut 3/4" GRAY CCP0.75GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1" Black CCP1.00BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1" GRAY CCP1.00GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1 1/4" Black CCP1.25BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1 1/4" GRAY CCP1.25GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1 1/2" Black CCP1.50BK
Techflex Clean Cut 1 1/2" GRAY CCP1.50GY
Techflex Clean Cut 1 3/4" Black CCP1.75BK
Techflex Clean Cut 2" Black CCP2.00BK
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/pub/media/datasheet/CLEAN CUT INFO.pdf
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-70°C to +125°C (-94°F to +257°F)
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/pub/media/datasheet/CLEAN CUT TECHNICAL.pdf
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5 to 7
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